It’s true! We designed and installed graphics/fx/wraps on a F1 car, however it was a 1/10 scale F1 car!

A couple of us at M2 Media are petrol heads and love race cars so we thought we would share the process of making graphics for a scale model. We believe “Paint is Dead” and all of the race car liveries and the most of fancy paint schemes you see on business vehicles are in fact not paint, they are decals! To that end the average person writes off the creativity and effort involved in making decals, unless you buy ready made ones form a store, the process is quite time consuming and involved. This process is the same for many small to medium sized products in case you are thinking about branding your machinery or other device, piece of equipment or product you make.

The first step is to carefully mask the areas of the model with tape.

After that you peel the tape off of the paper and then scan the pieces.

Once scanned the images are opened in Adobe Illustrator and templates are made. We used photoshop to make the artwork and then place them in the templates in Illustrator so they can be printed and cut. Here we went for fictional retro liveries.

Here they are coming off of the printer. After this the sheet still needs to dry and then be laminated. Once laminated it goes back into the printer for careful cutting.

So no you know how much works goes into making custom fit decals. Here is the Final Product on a 1/10th scale RC race car!