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VIHA – Royal Jubilee Hospital

M2 Media has now been in every room in the Royal Jubilee Hospital! We were on hand to install a new organizational decal system on the large dry-erase whiteboards that track important information for patients and caregivers. This was no easy task, the shear numbers (428 rooms) was physically demanding as each board needed to have old decals removed and then be cleaned to perfection. It turns out that the elbow-grease involved was the easy part. Our hearts sank due to some of the tough situations some of the patients and their families are enduring. On the flip side there were some long-term patients that were happy to have a new person around to tell their story too and to chat with. Read More

From Greece with Love!

M2 Media was on location for a store front window installation recently at Ithaka Restaurant in the Harris Green neighbourhood a few blocks from downtown Victoria. If you like Greek food and have not been to Ithaka then you are truly missing out!  Ithaka Restaurant has been ranked as one of the top 10 restaurants in Victoria by The Culture Trip! (click here or the original article)

The Adamopoulos Brothers serve a flaming goat cheese dish. Photograph By ADRIAN LAM, Times Colonist (original article here)Read More

Marketing in your back pocket

Don’t you wish you could easily carry essential marketing material with you at all times? You meet a prospective client at a boarding gate, at Starbucks or during a beverage with friends at the local watering hole and wish you had something impressive to pass to them instantly. Your business card is important marketing material that you can always carry with you. Many of us think the business card is just a convenient wallet size contact card that isn’t much different than the signature in your email. That couldn’t be further from the truth. However, putting that kind of pressure on the 2 x 3 inch  piece of cardstock in your pocket takes some planning. People start forming an opinion about you (and your company) within moments. Your gleaming personality helps make a lasting impression but a business card can efficiently reinforce the connection you made in person. We here at M2 Media can make sure your business card does its job.  If someone is going to judge a book by its cover, make sure your business card is impressive!Read More