Vehicle Wraps

Originally, vehicle wraps were to bring full-scale advertising of digital print onto corporate vehicles yet have them easily removable to make changes in design or to sell the vehicle. This is a fantastic way to advertise and promote your business, and in most cases is a complete tax write-off! The latest trends are in individual colour and texture for any vehicle referred to as “colour change wraps”. These vinyls are like a second skin for the vehicle, which protects the original paint from everyday wear and slight scratches and stone damage. The main benefit is you have a quick way to change the appearance of your vehicle and the value of the vehicle is maintained, especially for hi-end vehicles, as repainting represents a significant loss of value.The best case is to lease/buy a new car and have it wrapped in your desired colour. This saves the extra cost for special colour orders, protects the original paint and you can remove the vinyl economically when your lease is up or you sell, and the original paint shines like the day you drove it off the lot. The care and cleaning of the film is comparable with a paint finish.If you want to know more about car wrapping or would like a no obligation quote for your car wrap then feel free to contact us.

Colour Change Wraps

If you are looking to stand out, bring a new look to an old ride and even protect the paintwork then a colour change wrap is for you. Vinyl Wraps are cheaper than repainting, they protect the original paint, last for years and can be removed without harming the car.

Partial Wraps

Stripes, Flares, Spot Colours. Set your ride apart from the others!

Corporate Wraps

You drive to and from work every day. You drive to clients. Why not use your ride as a rolling advertisement? Tasteful or outrageous we can take your vehicle from mild to wild! 25 years of design expertise puts M2 Media in a league by itself.


An inexpensive way to advertise your business and they’re removable! Magnets can be used on flat surfaces of your vehicle.

Spot Graphics

Like magnets, Spot Graphics cover small portions of the vehicle. Spot graphics can be cut into any shape with photographic quality.

Partial Wraps

Partial Wraps are just that, vinyl coverage that covers 1/4 to 3/4 of the vehicle. The vehicles colour will be seen with using a partial wrap.

Print Wraps

Full wraps cover the entire vehicle, however on large vehicles (food trucks etc.) the roof is not generally wrapped for they are not visible.  Full wraps can incorporate windows (perforated vinyl), bumpers, handles and side mirrors.